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The Morvan Regional Natural Park


There are 46 regional natural parks in France; one of them is the Morvan Regional Natural Park, which was created in 1970.
Compared with the other national parks whose only vocation is to protect the natural environment, a regional natural park has to help people who live there to live better in harmony with their environment.
This means planning, equipping and developing whilst respecting and giving value to the natural and cultural heritage.
For this, each Park has a charter that sets out the main points for managing it for 12 years. The Morvan one was renewed in 2008. It was adopted by 117 communes and 5 partner cities (Arnay le duc, Autun, Châtillon en Bazois, Corbigny, Liernais, Saint Brancher).
Located in the centre of Burgundy, the park's communes are spread out as follows:

  • 29 communes are located in Côte d'Or that is 24%
  • 50 communes in Nièvre that is 43%
  • 20 in Saône and Loire that is 17%
  • 18 in Yonne that is 16%

Morvan Regional Natural Park’s objectives:

 Menessaire Castle

3 fundamental principles are set out in the draft charter :

 - Act for natural and cultural heritage
 - Support sustainable economic development
 - Develop a living and united area



Website of the Morvan Regional Natural Park

Practical information:

Cussy en Morvan

Average altitude 550m
Highest point 901m (Haut Folin)
40 communes in mountainous areas
Number of inhabitants: 52,552 (not including partner cities)
Area: 2999 km²
Population density: 18 inhabitants per km²
Protected fauna 247 species
Protected flora 67 species